Do you offer translations into English?

A translator should generally only translate into their mother tongue. But since my level of English is very close to that of a native speaker, I feel confident I can offer certain translations into English depending on the individual context. If a specific document exceeds my technical knowledge, I am happy to recommend one of my colleagues to you.

Do you offer legal and financial translations?

No, I’m afraid not. Law and finance both require comprehensive and topic-oriented studies in order to specialize sufficiently in those areas. I, however, focused my studies on medical and technical know-how and leave legal and financial translations to the experts in those respective fields.

Why don’t you offer fixed rates per word or line?

The time spent on a translation or proofreading greatly depends on the specific topic, the difficulty, volume and format of the document. I match my rates with each individual translation to offer best value for money.

Why should I prefer an individual translator to a translation agency?

Simply said, there’s no middle man. You communicate directly with the person in charge of your translation and proofreading services and avoid misunderstandings, save time and receive immediate feedback about the progress being made. You know exactly who will be working on your documents, which guarantees consistent wording and the same high standard of quality for all of your documents.