Translations (English to German)

Medicine, Medical Technology and Pharmacy

Medical training material, patient records, package inserts, product descriptions, brochures, flyers etc.

Technical Documentation

Instruction manuals, product information material, marketing material such as press releases etc.

Travel and Tourism

Hotel, travel and restaurant websites, brochures, leaflets, menus, catalogues etc.

Entertainment Industry

Websites, press releases, advertisement, catalogues etc.

Other Fields of Interest

I’m interested in a vast variety of topics and have translated anything from cooking recipes over computer games to astrophysics and geology. I continually conduct extensive research in order to deliver accurate and professional translations to all of my customers.

Proofreading (German)

I make sure your documents are free from orthographic, grammatical and syntactic errors. Furthermore, I can check already translated documents against the original and adjust them to specific individual guidelines.


Quality assurance

Language is my passion, which is reflected in the consistent and outstanding quality of my translation and proofreading services.

In order to assure the highest quality, I work with glossaries, terminology databases and a professional translation memory system (Trados) and perform at least two final reviews for all of my translations.